Why Irish Women’s History?

Two Irish Colleens talking after a hard day cutting peat and transporting it back to their humble cottage. Barefoot, wearing a cloak and clothes probably made out of ‘homespun’ cloth. Who knows what they were chatting about; definitely not if anyone in the future would remember them or write about them. But people did, do, and will do in the future. The history of Irish women is multi-faceted and fascinating; I only touch one area of Irish women’s history as an a historian but many touch on all aspects that have affected Irish women’s lives over the last few centuries.

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Tea-riffic : The Ritual Pleasure of Drinking Tea

European Museums



In my last post I mentioned my travel plans for the following year. At the top of my to do lists is to visit museums, art galleries, castles, and country houses when I am travelling abroad. I have been fortunate to visit some of Europe’s largest museums as well as some of the quirkiest museums. Read on for my top three museums that I’ve visited in mainland Europe!

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Beyond the Bookcase: Reads for February

Let’s face it February is a dreary, dreich, and somewhat dank month when it comes to weather. Now don’t get me wrong I love being outside in nearly all weathers but as I write this the rain is coming down in torrents against the window outside. Not ideal walking weather. So what to do? Stay inside with a good book and a lovely cup of tea. Read on for the Beyond the Bookcase recommendations for February.

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Irish Fashion Friday – Fabulous Fifties Irish Fashion

Before a Graton Academy #fashion show 1950's #Dublin | Ireland fashion,  Career fashion, Vintage photography

Happy Irish Fashion Friday! In what I hope will be a regular feature on the blog I hope to feature some aspect of Irish fashion on at least one Friday a month. Either in the form of a profile on a designer or style or delving deeper into aspects of Irish fashion and style! This particular blog post concentrates on Fabulous Fifties fashion in Ireland and how Ireland was as fashionable as the rest of the world. Without further ado let’s put our best dress on and pull up our stockings and delve into the post!

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