Vintage Fashion Friday – Everyday Vintage Fashion in Winter

Everyday vintage fashion in winter. It’s hard. It’s hard when you long for summer dresses and warm evenings to wear them. It’s hard when you want to wear your bathing costume and jump into a pool. It’s also hard when it’s dark at 16:00 or earlier. It’s also doubly hard if you wear vintage fashion and find it hard to find vintage or vintage-style clothing for the long winter months.

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Across Tha’ Watter Tae Bonnie Scotland – Scottish Summer Holiday

In August 2020 I spent a prolonged period of time in one of my favourite country’s (and the one that feels like home!) in the world: Scotland. I had the great good fortune to live in Scotland for two years and fell in love with the country from nearly the moment I set foot on it’s hallowed ground. Of course, there were ups and downs with moving and living in a different country but this is normal for any move. It took me a while to evenings being even darker and colder in winter than in Ireland and having to drive long distances to go on holidays in Scotland.  However, on the flip side I did get to enjoy my time working and living in Scotland and managed to visit nearly every nook and cranny of the Highlands, Islands, Lowlands and everywhere in between more than once.

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Resources, Sources, and Courses – Getting to Grips with Irish Women’s History

Wonderful Vintage Photos Of Female Students At Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts In 1948

Irish female historians have been making waves since the 19th century with historians such as Emily Lawless, Alice Stopford Green, Mary Hayden etc. paving the way for historians of Irish history and inspiring generations of future Irish historians. And as any historian will let you know finding a place that collates resources, sources, and courses (I couldn’t resist an alliteration!) for their particular discipline can be hazardous if that discipline is either niche or under-researched.

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All Things Bright and Beautiful – Castle Kennedy Gardens, Scotland.

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Beyond the Bookcase – A Booklover’s Reasoning.

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For as long as I can remember I have always loved books, reading, libraries, and all book and reading related ephemera – I have an obscene amount of bags from book shops and numerous book marks! I get my love of reading from my grand-father who was a voracious reader of many genres and types of books. He would have made an ideal English literature or history teach had his life circumstances been different.

The lack of a teaching job didn’t stop him handing down his enthusiasm to me and I have many fond memories of going to the library with him on Saturday mornings to return my books and inevitably borrowing even more. Nothing thrilled me more as a child when the librarian stamped my book which made the book mine for the next week or however long it took to read it.

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