My writing as a blogger, historian and curator has focused on the role of Irish women in wider Irish society in the early to mid-twentieth century with a particular focus on the years between 1920-1950. I also write blog posts, articles, papers etc. on wider historical and cultural topics covering women’s history, working as a museum professional, cultural travel and my experiences as someone who sees the world in an alternative way. My articles include:

‘For God and Ulster!’ Political Manifestation of Irish Dress and the Ulster Volunteer Medical and Nursing Corps, 1912-1918.’ The Journal of Dress History Volume 3, Spring 2019.  

‘Aff Tae Bonnie Scotland’: Irish female holiday makers in 20th Century Scotland, The History Girls Scotland Blog, May 2019. 

‘The History of Irish Dress, 1750-1850.’ What Grandma Wore Blog, March 2019.

‘Must I wear a suit to be seen as an academic?’, The Stylish Academic, May 2019. 

‘Dress to Impress’ – Lady Ailsa’s Dressing Case, The National Trust for Scotland, May 2018.