I’m Rachel an Irish Historian, Blogger, Curator and ‘Museum Professional’ currently based in the North of Ireland.  I’m enthusiastic about all things historical, vintage fashion, travel, and heritage and want to share my passion for these topics with a wider audience.

I’m a great believer that you can inspire an interest in the topics I’ve just mentioned through non-traditional platforms such as blogging and social media.  That’s why I’ve created this blog; as an outlet for me to share my interests with a wider audience. I’ve always loved blogging but failed to find a blog that covered all my interest as a reader! Hence ‘Rachel With An E’ was born in 2017 as a platform to discuss and share my varied interests and create a blog for the more alternative reader.

Most importantly my blog is a creative outlet for myself to share my thoughts, photo’s and experiences as I experience the world through an alternative way than the mainstream. I hope you enjoy my blog and come on many exciting journeys into the world of heritage, culture, and history with me!

(photography (c) Ross Davidson 2017).