I am an experienced and professional lecturer, speaker and writer having over six years of experience attending and speaking at conferences across the United Kingdom and Ireland. I can dilligently, succintly and clearly articulate my ideas into writing, speaking and presenting PowerPoint presentations. I pride myself with thinking outside of the box with original and throught provoking presentations to create a different points of discussion and dissemination on my chosen historical topic. My conference papers focus on the domestic, social and dress history of Ireland and Great Britain from 1900 to 1960 with a greater emphasis on the inter-war and World War Two periods.  My papers have included:


(Forthcoming) ‘Weaving Women into History’: The 20th Century Irish Housewife and Wicker Shopping Baskets, c.1920-1960.’, Studying Traditional Crafts: Goals and Methods in Higher EducationVilijandi, Estonia, November 2019.

‘Re-Designing Dreams’: Home Dressmaking and the Pursuid of Affordable Fashion in Mid-Century Ulster, c.1930-1960′, Women in Irish Design Conference, National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks, Dublin, May 2019. 

‘You must remember this…..’ Irish Women’s Experiences of War, Trauma and Rationing during World War Two 1939-1945,’ Women’s History Association of Ireland Annual Conference, University College Cork, Cork, April 2019.


‘For God and Ulster! Political Manifestations of Irish Dress and the Ulster Volunteer Medical and Nursing Corps, 1912-1918,’ Dress and War: Clothing and Textiles at Home and Abroad during the First World War Era, 1910-1920, Association of Dress Historians Conference, London, October 2018.


‘Mna dearg, dearg,’ ‘Red, Red, Woman,’ A Red Cloak and the Depiction of Irish Feminity 1914-2016,’ Pasold Research Fund Colour Conference, University of Glasgow, April 2017.


I Only Joined Because of the Uniform’, Experiences of the Women’s Royal Naval Service, 1939-1945.’ Public Records Office of Northern Ireland Women’s History Month Conference, Belfast, March 2016.

Representations of Irish Womanhood in 1950s Irish Fashion’, The New Research in Dress History Conference, Association of Dress Historians Annual New Research Conference, London, February 2016.


‘Repressed in dress?’ Representation of Reality in Women’s Wartime Lives in ‘Fashion on the Ration’ exhibition,’ University of Leeds Postgraduate Research Conference, University of Leeds, May 2015. 

‘For God and Ulster!’ The Hidden History of the Ulster Volunteer Nurses, 1910-1920,’ Women’s History Association of Ireland Annual Conference, National University of Ireland Maynooth, March 2015. 


‘Sutures and Silk’: The Cumanna na mBan and The Ulster Volunteer Nurses, 1910-1920′, Irish Museums Association of Ireland Annual Confernce, Waterford, February 2014. 


‘Decoding History’: World War Two Female Codebreakers and The Bletchley Circle,’ University of Ulster Decoding Gender in Television Conference, Univesrity of Ulster, Belfast, June 2013.  

‘Game On’: Gaming Mechanics and Interpertation of Costume Collections in Historic Houses’, Irish Museums Association Textile Symposium, National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks, March 2013.