Forces Friday – 1940s Irish Women – The Women’s Voluntary Service in Ulster

The Women’s Voluntary Services was publicly launched on 16th June 1938 with the aim to recruit women who could help in the eventuality of war. These women would eventually between 1939 and 1945 assist ARP wardens, escort evacuees, provide mobile canteens, organize fundraising drives, manage clothing depots, and assist the local authorities in any manner needed. The WVS members quickly became recognizable with their distinctive teal green uniform consisting of a dress, beret, great coat, scarf, overalls, and skirt suit on more formal business. Read on to find out how the WVS was set up in Ulster and how the uniform was a key part of a woman’s role as a member of the WVS.

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Women and the Irish Home Front of World War Two

This week my blog posts will concentrate on the lives of Irish women during World War Two. This is a particular area of interest as I have a long time interest of the roles of women during World War Two; particularly the lives of ordinary women on the British or Irish Home Front. This blog post looks at what effect rationing had on the lives of Irish women and how they managed to continue as ‘normal’ despite shortages and stress over loved ones away at war.

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International Women’s Day 2022 – Irish Flappers in 1920s Ireland

Think of 1920s Ireland and images of war and brutality come to mind. With upheavals from 1920 to 1925 it’s hard to think or believe that life did go on albeit at a perhaps more fractious pace. Ordinary life did prevail around bullets and bombs; people got married, went to work and school, shopped for clothing, and went on holidays. And surprise surprise Irish women did bob their hair, shorten their hemlines, and danced the Charleston and shock horror where just as much a Flapper as their British counterpart! View Post

Irish Fashion Friday – Fabulous Fifties Irish Fashion

Before a Graton Academy #fashion show 1950's #Dublin | Ireland fashion,  Career fashion, Vintage photography

Happy Irish Fashion Friday! In what I hope will be a regular feature on the blog I hope to feature some aspect of Irish fashion on at least one Friday a month. Either in the form of a profile on a designer or style or delving deeper into aspects of Irish fashion and style! This particular blog post concentrates on Fabulous Fifties fashion in Ireland and how Ireland was as fashionable as the rest of the world. Without further ado let’s put our best dress on and pull up our stockings and delve into the post!

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Resources, Sources, and Courses – Getting to Grips with Irish Women’s History

Wonderful Vintage Photos Of Female Students At Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts In 1948

Irish female historians have been making waves since the 19th century with historians such as Emily Lawless, Alice Stopford Green, Mary Hayden etc. paving the way for historians of Irish history and inspiring generations of future Irish historians. And as any historian will let you know finding a place that collates resources, sources, and courses (I couldn’t resist an alliteration!) for their particular discipline can be hazardous if that discipline is either niche or under-researched.

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