Resources, Sources, and Courses – Getting to Grips with Irish Women’s History

Wonderful Vintage Photos Of Female Students At Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts In 1948

Irish female historians have been making waves since the 19th century with historians such as Emily Lawless, Alice Stopford Green, Mary Hayden etc. paving the way for historians of Irish history and inspiring generations of future Irish historians. And as any historian will let you know finding a place that collates resources, sources, and courses (I couldn’t resist an alliteration!) for their particular discipline can be hazardous if that discipline is either niche or under-researched.

Wonderful Vintage Photos of Female Students at Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts, 1948 ~ Vintage Everyday

As one of these future historians, or rather an historian of Irish dress, there has (yet) to be a central website with resources for this particular discipline but plenty of resources here and there with information on Irish dress and dress history as a whole. This has inspired me to list below any resources, courses, and sources that can further the advance of Irish women’s history for current and future generations of historians. This list was compiled with a view to it being edited to and added to when new items come to light or I’m made aware of references have been missed. Without further ado let’s begin!

N.B. I have focused on Ireland/UK sources, resources, courses etc. but look to expand the list in the future. The links below may contain helpful advice for historians and of Ireland both at home in Ireland and further afield.

Oh Smith College. | Smith college, Vintage photos, Black and white pictures



Courses (Post-Graduate for now!):



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