An Irish Country Garden – Rowallane Gardens.

I’ve been on another road trip. This time to Rowallane Gardens near Saintfield, County Down that is run by the National Trust. Rowallane has some of the most beautiful scenery and gardens that I’ve ever seen and certainly one of the best under the Trust’s care. Come for a walk with me as we explore an Irish country garden….

Walk along the former carriage drive way and carriage sweep to come across Rowallane House. Have yourself a cup of tea and a National Trust scone. In my opinion it is de rigeur to have tea, cake AND a scone at a National Trust property. But that’s just me, but who could say no to cake?!

Walk through the beautiful walled gardens….

Marvel at all the beautiful early summer plants in a variety of colours ranging from yellow through to pink to dusky blue.

Don’t forget to take a peak at the climbers on the stone walls and Gardeners’ cottages.

The Walled Garden is a veritable homage to The Secret Garden. I mean is this doorway not straight out a Secret Garden or what?!

Make your way to the ‘Spring Ground’ which is a vast, open space planted with trees, bushes and beautiful flowers. A perfect picnic spot!

If the heat gets too much for you (and it was very hot by Irish standards when I visited) then walk through the woodland walk, trio hill and rock garden wood to cool off.

There are lots of cool spaces to sit and admire the view. I spent all afternoon there and it was blissfull peaceful as I went on a weekday.

The gardens have plants from across the globe that thrive in the temperate climate of north County Down. Particularly at this time of year some of the plants are a riot of colour!

I can’t wait to go back again in June or July to see the gardens in full bloom!


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