Move Your Body

The title for this blog post sounds really cheesy, like 1980s terrible pop ballad cheesy. BUT there is a purpose for the cheesy title- I really love to excercise or ‘move my body’ if you’re that way inclined. I may be a vintage-wearing, cat-loving crazy knitting lady but I can lift weights with the best of them and walk for miles and miles.

Though if you knew me a couple of years ago you would now that I was really unfit. My friend still joke that they never thought they would see me going to the gym, walking miles or lifting weights. Well here I am four years later and I’ve never been healthier (both body and mind) and I’m now the fittest and healthiest of all my friends!

I don’t boast about my fitness but I do believe that a healthy body equates a healthy mind with all the endorphins released from exercising. This also applies to healthy and nutritious eating for me as I feel at my best when I know I have something delicious but healty to eat.

I work-out four to five times a week budget or time dependent. I always do TRX, Zumba and Kettlebells and at the moment try to get to Bodypump every other week due to limited funds. I walk everyday and have a membership for a gym twenty minutes walk away. I walk there, do weights and go for a swim and walk back. Perfect, especially on a sunny, summer day! Though I do walk to the gym even in winter.

For the longest time women were told not to lift weights but now women are being told to lift them. I love lifting weights and have several wight lifting goals to reach this year. I find having a fitness goal really motivates you to achieve it!

Healthy eating is very important to me and I always try to make sure that I get more than my ‘five a day’ and eat a mainly Vegetarian/Plant based diet. I’m munching on some apple and peanut butter below! Though don’t get me wrong I like chips and ice-cream just as much as anyone else and I don’t feel guilty when I eat them. Because it’s all about balance. A little bit of what you like goes along way.

Working out has also improved my mental health and the self-care I take towards maintaing a healthy mind. There’s nothing like going for a bracing, long and hearty walk to clear away the cobwebs of anxiety and depression. It’s also my ‘thinking time’ and I try to walk thirty to forty minutes each day.

The amount of exercise I do might not be for everyone but I do encourage you to undertake some form of excercise. Even if it is just a ten minute walk, a swim or some gentle yoga stretching it all counts towards a healthier lifestyle.

I also do yoga everyday to improve my flexibility, muscle recovery and for piece of mind. There’s nothing like rolling out the yoga mat and feeling energized and relaxed after a good stretch! Until next time happy stretching, walking and eating yummy, healthy food!


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