The Saturday Supplement

I can’t believe it’s Saturday again! My week has literally flown by as I’ve been very busy promoting, editing and generating ideas for my blog. How has your week been? Productive? Exciting? Or just the usual, work, work, work?!

To ‘supplement’ your Saturday I’ve done a round-up of culture, travel, lifestyle and history inspired links for you to glaze over whilst you enjoy your morning coffee, lunch or even a take-away for your dinner, dependent where and when you read this blog. I hope your week has been a good one and like myself you’ve decided to stay away from the negative press strom surrounding America this week. And without further ado here are this weeks links!

Yesterday was Holocaust Memorial Day and it’s sooo important to remember the six and a half million Jewish people (and the countless millions of other people as well) that were sadistically murdered by the evil tyranny of Nazism and Fascism. With that in mind a blue plaque was unveiled outside the Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast, to celebrate the life of dancer and choreographer Helen Lewis.

The long nights of winter are a great time to start a new hobby ! Personally, I think you should take up knitting (I’m an avid knitter; though I’m still learning the basic stitch!), flower arranging or learning how to make cocktails! Yum!

As someone who struggles with numbers and finance this Financial Times article was interesting read over different financial personalities.

I’ve been thinking of buying more cook books to my already large collection of cook books, but this one caught my eye. Recipes with only four steps or six ingredients?! Sign me up!

Gala Darling (a blogger I’ve been following for ten years!) discusses remedies for self care during the current dystopian political times.

It’s important to keep the momentum going after last week’s Women’s Marches across the world according to a Guardian podcast.

In culture/history news how cool is it that this new women’s club, The Wing, has started up in New York? They’ve taken inspiration from the women’s club movement of the twentieth century!

I’m obsessed with these Eat Natural chocolate protein bars! Nom!

And finally, I’m going to be making a modified version of this tomorrow for an up and coming blog post!


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