London Calling: Central London

Welcome back to another blog post about my favourite place in the UK, London! (You can check out the other blog post here). In my previous blog post I wax lyrical about how much I love London, especially Brick Lane, so you should check it out for some hints and tips for your next visit to London!

On a sunny weekday afternoon I decided to have a meander around the lovely streets of central London. Although it was pretty busy with tourists (as it always is!) I hadn’t been in this part of London for ages!

I started of my walk by exiting Westminster tube station and walking past the Houses of Parliament. It was a typically grey London winter’s day but it didn’t deter me on my walk. Continuing on past Westminster I gazed up to see the wonderful architecture of the Houses of Parliament, that were designed by Charles Barry.

Just as I gazed up the sun shone so I was able to get this spectacular shot. Quite fantastic, if I do say so myself!

Also I didn’t know they had Hobbits at the Houses of Parliament?! If this small door is anything to go by!

After walking around Westminster, I decided to head towards Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. To do this you need to cross the road again to be on the same side as Westminster tube station. Keep on walking down Whitehall, past Horse Guards Parade, and eventually you will come to Trafalgar Square. Also keep an eye out on Whitehall for some fascinating statues on WW2 history!

In Trafalgar you’ll see Nelson’s column and….

Some non-cowardly lions! I wouldn’t like to mess with this guy!

If you take a left and walk through Admiralty Arch you can walk down ‘The Mall’ and through St. James Park to see Buckingham Palace. If you fancy a cup of tea after your walk I’d recommend going to the National Gallery which has several cafe’s inside that offer yummy tea, buns and cake!

There’s also some pretty fantastic art from the 16th century to the 20th century, including an impressive selection of my favourite art movement, Impressionism. Including several paintings and sketches by my perennial favourite, Edgar Degas!  Like this one, Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando, 1879, oil on canvas. Also the cafe’s in the National Gallery offer tables that overlook Trafalgar Square. Perfect for one of my favourite pastimes, people watching!

Picture via London Town.


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