Boojum Brilliance

If you know me then you know I love food… really love food.  Especially, cheap, tasty but not take away food. Now you may be thinking were can I get cheap and tasty food that isn’t fast food? Well this place is fast food but not your usual greasy fast food restaurant. Oh no my friends, I’m talking about none other than the brilliance of Boojum!

Boojum? I hear you say, ‘What’s that!?’ you say. Well friends, Boojum is a fast food (non greasy) chain of Mexican restaurants in Ireland (they have branches in Belfast, Dublin and Galway). Boojum is somewhat of a Belfast phenomenon, as you will be aghast at any friends or family members who haven’t tried Boojum! Can you imagine? The shock, the horror of not having tried a Boojum!

Once they’ve tried Boojum, well there’s no going back to your local chippy (though don’t get me wrong I like a fish and chip supper from the chipper like the rest of ye’s do). In Boojum you can either have a burrito, tortilla, salad bowl, soft or hard shell taco’s with a choice of meat, rice, salsa, guacamole, cheese etc. Like mine below; a vegany spicy taco of Mexican goodness!

Just look at that guacamole, onions and pinto beans. Making you hungry right? Or maybe hangry if it’s lunch time? You better get down there quick to avoid the dreaded Boojum queue and no Boojum! What will you tell your friends at work when you boasted about your Boojum burrito only to come home with a limp salad sandwich? Not good my friend, not good! So go early (your boss should understand why you left early on lunch; if they don’t then why are you working for them?!) and go often.

I’ve once stood outside a Boojum on a cold January day before opening time, with other people, just so I get a Boojum. That’s how dedicated I am to the Boojum burrito brilliance! I also have a friend that every time we meet up we go to Boojum and if either of us go to Boojum with another person we’ve committed ‘Boojum Adultery’ because it’s ‘our place.’ Now for some close-up taco-ey goodness…..just gonna leave this right here.

(c) Rachel Sayers 2013-2017.

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