The Saturday Supplement

Happy Saturday everyone! How has your week been? I’ve been writing more blog posts and trying out how to use Adobe Premiere Pro as I don’t have a fancy MacBook like other vloggers/bloggers. Hoping to have YouTube video’s up and running in time for the start of February! Not long left now!

First of all, this cat video about a cat that has an automatic feeding machine and goes ecstatic when it hears it is so funny!

Twenty-seven books that women and men and everyone should read. Mainly about American politics, race relations and American Feminism, but still worth a look.

A leaflet from a 1963 march on Washington. Including instructions not to bring sandwiches with mayonnaise and salad encase it spoiled in the heat!  Via the awesome Cup of Jo blog!

Natalie Portman is playing Jackie Kennedy or Jackie O’ (Onassis) in the forthcoming film ‘Jackie’. I for one can’t wait to see this as the screenshots of the clothing looks fantastic and I’m a big fan of Jackie Kennedy

Fanny Cornforth, muse to the Pre-Raphaelites, is finally getting her own memorial near her grave in Chichester. She is famously known as the inspiration for the central female figures in such as Fair Rosamund’ by Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Lady Lilith’ also by Rossetti.

If you’re just starting out to blog you might want to check out this blog post from one of my favourite UK bloggers, The Londoner. It’s a quick and easy guide to Blogging!

What are you making for Saturday night tea? I always think that Saturday night tea should be enjoyed by taking time to cook something you don’t cook during the week. I’ll bemaking this delicious veggie Thai curry from BBC Food!

And to sum up here’s an excellent podcast on the ever-growing trend of Cosplay from my favourite fashion orientated podcast, Unravel!

Have a Super Saturday! xx



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