Vintage Fashion Friday – Everyday Vintage Fashion in Winter

Everyday vintage fashion in winter. It’s hard. It’s hard when you long for summer dresses and warm evenings to wear them. It’s hard when you want to wear your bathing costume and jump into a pool. It’s also hard when it’s dark at 16:00 or earlier. It’s also doubly hard if you wear vintage fashion and find it hard to find vintage or vintage-style clothing for the long winter months.

I personally find this difficult as most of my wardrobe in vintage clothing is geared towards Spring/Summer with some clothing geared towards the colder months. I have got round this my adapting to wearing vintage-style pieces of clothing that I find second hand in charity shops or on e-Bay. I tend to go for the ‘1930s-Country House Party-In the Autumn in Scotland’ look which entails lots of muted, autumnal colours, tweeds, jodhpurs or leggings or equivalent, thick-knit jumpers and cardigans, berets, scarves, gloves and of course the requisite brown brogues or boots. Someone once told me I looked like a lady strolling around country house grounds after going horse riding so you get the idea of how I like to look!

In the summer I tend to for a nautical look which includes high-waisted flared trousers, anything (and I do mean anything) with a sailor collar and/or stripes, white linen dresses, or patterned floral dresses. I basically either look like a sailor or a gondolier which is exactly what I was going for in the first place. Some of these summer clothes can be adapted for winter with the addition of thick tights and knitted cardigans but the majority is packed away for the warmer months.

Some of my vintage-style staples for winter, either for walks or chilly visits to archives or museums if doing my own research, are as follows:  A Tweed Jacket (or imitation tweed). A selection of coloured berets (I have nearly every colour under the sun!), Thick scarves of either wool or a heavy cotton, and lovely warm Arran or other knitted jumpers and cardigans.


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