Top Tips for Moving


I recenlty moved to Scotland for a job working with the National Trust for Scotland. I had one month to pack, sort out my stuff (and my life) and move to Scotland and set up my new home. So here are my top tips for moving for a new job or just moving stuff in general!

1.  Make a detailed packing list.

This is probably the most important tip! Make a list of everything you think you’ll need, what you already have and what you can get when you move. This way you keep on top of what you have, what you can give to charity and what you don’t need to buy when you move.

2. Declutter.

There is nothing like a move that makes you motivated to declutter. I donated ten bags of clothes, accessories and household goods to my local charity shops before I moved. This gave me an idea of what I had, what I didn’t need and what someone else could use that would benefit them more than me.

3.  Pack by category.

What do I mean by pack by category? I mean pack things together which can be just put straight from cases and boxes to cupboards and closets. Keep clothes in one box, household goods in another and electrical appliances in another box. Et voila when you move things are ready to move from box to your new storage space!

4. Label!
This is also very important as you need to label everything to know where everything is! There’s no point organizing your boxes and then not knowing what is in each box. Mark on each box in clear, legible writing what you have. That way it’s easier to know where things to on moving and unpacking day!

5. Take less.

If you’re moving to a shared flat or house then take less. Chances are someone already has an extra frying pan, several smoothie makers and slow cookers! No point clogging up storage space in what can be an already small kitchen. Trust me on this when you have a small kitchen and everyone wants their own pans etc. the kitchen becomes even smaller!



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