How I Stay Organized! Stationery Addicition & Food Prep!

I love being organized and being organized means indulging in my love of stationery. Seriously, I have an addiction to stationery. Nothing makes me feel better than a Paperchase winter sale or helping myself to new stationery in a new job. Heaven for someone who loves to write lists and notes!

1. Different note books for different things.

Yup different note books for different aspects of your life. I have one notebook for YouTube, Blog and Social Media planning. One notebook for ‘life stuff’ and one smaller notebook for grocery lists. The books are colour coded which means I know what colour is for what aspect of my life making everything simpler.

2. Keep it simple!

Don’t overwhelm yourself with a long list of things on your to-do list. Write three or four things you want to get done during the day. That way you won’t stress yourself out with lots of things to do!

3. Cross things off your list!

Make sure to cross things of your list that you want to get done so that you remember you have done it! I’m guilty as the next person if not crossing off my list and re-doing something that I already did!

4. Food prep. Food prep. Food prep.

Even when I wasn’t working I still food prepped most Sunday’s. Not only does food prep mean you are organized it also means that you have healthy meals on hand to heat up in minutes. Food prep for me also extends to snacks so I make sure I have a lot of fruit, nuts, home made granola and protein bars, crackers and dips on hand as I get hungry quickly. Food prep equals less stress from a busy lifestyle of blogging and museum working!



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