The Sunday Supplement 27/04/14

Sunday Supplement (2)

Happy Reading! 🙂

Uk & Ireland:

  • The world’s most complete Baby Mammoth is to go on display at the National History Museum in London.  (Thanks to Mairead Quinn, PhD researcher, University of Ulster).
  • The age old debate of corporate sponsorship in Museum Exhibitions has reared it’s head at the Aberdeen Maritime Museum in Scotland.
  • The ‘Art of the Troubles’ exhibition has opened at the Ulster Museum in Belfast.  Has Northern Ireland come far enough to deal with images from ‘The Troubles’? Can we, as people, deal with our uncomfortable past? More analysis here:
  • The Commemorations of WW1 have started. But as a nation are we ‘tired’ already of WW1 themed exhibitions?
  • The Museums Association has launched a new resource & animation on how to share collections knowledge.
  • The 1000th anniversary of ‘The Battle of Clontarf’ was commemorated on Twitter by posting ‘blow by blow’ tweets of the course of the famous battle!
  • Because cakes and museums go hand in hand, the V&A is inviting people to bake cakes to celebrate the 450th birthday of Shakespeare!

International & Europe:

  • A museum in Germany has returned Native American ‘scalps’ after an ethical debate of hosting such items. (Link in German).
  • After years of looting and war, the Iraq Museum in Baghdad, is set to re-open.
  • A museum to commemorate the protests in Tiananmen Square in 1989 is set to open in Hong Kong despite protests from the Chinese Government.
  • ICOM (The International Council of Museums) ‘ICOM News 2013 no.3′ features a special report on ‘Training Museum Professionals’.



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