The Sunday Supplement 11/05/2014

Sunday Supplement (2)

Good morning! Hope you have had a great week and happy reading!

UK & Ireland:

  • After winning the ‘UK City of Culture 2017’ bid, Hull city council are partially closing their Hands on History Museum. This begs the debate, why close museums when they will be integral to the city’s City of Culture in 2017?
  • The Museums Association have announced the program for the annual conference in Cardiff. The main theme for this years conference is ‘Museum Changes Lives.’
  • The Ulster Museum is to hold a conference entitled, ‘Art of the Troubles: Culture, Conflict & Commemoration .’ The conference will explore how art has been used to reshape public relations with Northern Ireland.  It takes place on 6th June.
  • The Heritage Council (R.O.I.) have published an interesting document, ‘Bored of Boards?‘ Which discusses other methods of interpreting heritage sites from light installations to re-creating Viking long boats.
  • Belfast City Hall is to host a conference on 14th June, ‘1912 – 1923 Reflecting on a decade of War and Revolution in Ireland.‘  Topics include Women and War, the Ulster Volunteers and Ireland at the outbreak of WW1.


  • A guest blogger on Nina Simon’s ‘Museum 2.0’ blog talks about racial insensitivity on a visit to a former plantation house in the American Deep- South.  The post brings up questions as how to best train tour guides, how to make sure staff don’t have prejudices about certain audience members and when it’s appropriate to include sensitive historical subjects i.e. the history of Slavery in America.
  • A famous female scientist , Rosalind Franklin, was left out of an exhibition in the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. A social media campaign led to the museum to include her.
  • The Studio Ghibli Museum in Tokyo has created an exhibition on their master anime artist, Miyazaki. He has created such masterpieces as Princess Mononoke and Nausicca and the Valley of the Wind.

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