Spring has Sprung !

Last week the weather was beautiful and sunny. But still cold. This gave me the idea of going on a drive through the countryside near to where I live and I’d thought I’d bring you along with me to discover some breathtaking Irish scenery. Buckle-up you’re in for some sunny, blue skies!

I took off early in the morning with one particular destination in mind (you’ll see the blog and vlog for that next week!) and took a detour to see some swans swanning about in the water. Get it, swanning about?

As much as I like to look at lovely swans all day time was getting on and I didn’t want to be late to my final destination. Sounds so omnious doesn’t it? But I promise you it’s not, you’ll just have to stay tuned until next week to find out! I drove through the countryside to come across this beautiful view of the Mourne Mountains…

I mean if that isn’t breathtaking then I don’t know what is! It was such a glorious sunny day that it was hard to believe I still needed to wear a winter coat, hat and scarf!

The Mourne Mountains are beautiful and so is all the scenery around them. Especially this abandoned quintessential Irish cottage which you can just see through the trees….

Nearby was also some spectacular woods and wild flowers and grasses….

After this I continued my drive and stopped to take pictures wherever it was safe to do so as there aren’t much options for parking on Irish country roads! Though I did take this gem of a picture…

I started to get hungry and thirsty, which to be honest doesn’t take that long as I get hungry pretty quickly, so I decided to make a pit stop for some tea and a healthy snack before heading to my intended destination. Though I will leave you with this photo of beautiful, sunny Irish skies…

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