The Saturday Supplement

Happy Saturday everyone! How has your week been? Do anything interesting? Meet any cool people? I went on a road trip to a local forest park and seaside town for some ice cream. Both were highly enjoyable despite the not so highly enjoyable spring temperatures! Now onto the good stuff below!

After the horrific attacks in London on Tuesday it’s good to know that my favorite city on earth is still going strong and carrying on its daily business as normal. #wearenotafraid

The woman I look up to the most (even more so than these women) is Dame Vera Lynn and the woman dubbed the ‘Forces Sweetheart’ turned one hundred last week! What an inspiration!

Sarah Von Bargen over at talks to Caroline Donahue of ‘Coffeeshop Book Chats’ about something I’m passionate about; reading as self-care and ‘comfort books’!

If you read my blog regularly you will know that I have a bit of a thing (well more than a bit of a thing) for both NCIS and Blue Bloods. This article talks about how much the public love a good true crime, detective or cop show!

I also LOVE Bill Murray. Here he is having a great time at his son’s recent sports game!

Talking about Bill Murray lets me legitimately talk about one of the best 1980s movies of all time (I’ve just said that in Dr. Peter Vankmann’s voice and all!) Ghostbuster’s. Man, I love Ghostbuster’s so much! The original two movies not that thing that was released last year.

Talking of all things 1980s & 1990s this article talks about how we should bring back some 90s slang. As in my head I’m basically writing as if I was an early 90s surfer dude with access to the internet. Think Wayne’s World but in digital format.

I’m planning what my boyfriend would dub a ‘feminist rant’ video about the overly-feminine gifts on offer for Mother’s Day on Sunday. Ravishly offers an article for alternative, feminist gifts for your amazingly, feminist mother!

Hailey Miller talks about the difference between gluten-free, vegan, paleo etc. diets and what each one means and how choosing how you eat should be based on your own personal choices. Amen!

I’m old enough to remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer the first time round and it is my favorite show of all time. Ever. Even more than NCIS or Blue Bloods. This is why.

What are you cooking tonight? We’re cooking Quesadillas with chicken and lots of lovely organic mature cheddar cheese! Ole!


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