Keep Your Money Safe. Budget Planning Tips.


As someone who struggles to save money on a regular basis due to having dyscalculia (basically dyslexia but with numbers) and not understanding the ‘logic’ behind numbers trying to save money is an ongoing struggle.

I try to budget each month by using a snazzy budget book that I bought from Wilko’s. In this book you write down what your income is each month and any fixed spending that you have every month. E.g. rent. phone bills, gym, student loans etc.

This snazzy budget book (a good name for it!) has several pages per month to write down daily spending divided into three hand columns. Date, Item and Total. I use this bi-weekly to total up what I’m spending my money on on a week-to-week basis.

Looking at what you spend weekly can help you total up what you’re spending your money on and what you can save money on. My vice are expensive vegan or vegetarian snack bars for daily snacking. One or two packets of these a week add up to nearly £30.00 a month!

By seeing what you’re spending your money on and what you don’t need to spend your money on you can begin to cut back on things you don’t really need. I’m going to make more vegan snacks at home to keep my hunger at bay between meal times and go back to eating oat cakes and other oat based items as snacks as they’re cheaper!

If you make your own coffee instead of buying a coffee everyday or bring your own packed lunch to work or University it means you can save money. These are just some examples of how I save money as you might save money in different ways. Also more money saved equals more money for travel, vintage clothing and craft beer!



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