Inspiring Words! A Suffragette Diary Review

Today marks the 100th anniversary that some women and all men over twenty-one gained the right to vote for the first time. ‘The Representation of the People Act 1918,’ was the act of parliament that issued a new era of women’s rights. Though it wasn’t until 1928 that every woman over twenty-one got the vote. With this in mind I wanted a diary for 2018 that commemorates the struggle for the right to vote by women.

Clavis and Claustra are the wonderful brand that make Suffragette themed canvas bags, tea towels, household goods and stationary and lo and behold they have produced an excellent Suffragette themed diary for 2018! The diary has sections on Suffragette memorabilia and influential British and American suffragettes of the votes for women era.

With a list of inspirational women it’s easy to remind yourself of these wonderful women on a daily basis and they inspire you when you’re having a bad day or are having your own struggle. Although the list of women are limited to Britain and America I would have liked to have seen a more varied list of Suffragettes. As Suffragism was not just a cause that white western women rallied to and a more diverse list may inspire the female leaders of the future.

However, the diary is well laid out with a space to write your personal details, holidays, telephone numbers, shopping lists, addresses etc. This is a week-to-view diary with a notes section on the lower right hand side. There are quotes about Suffragism’s history scattered throughout the diary to give you extra oomph when you need some ‘daily inspo’ to pardon the social media pun.

The diary is A4 in size and lightweight and is easily carried on a daily basis. There is enough room in the diary to contain all your address, phone numbers, revolutionary ideas and revolutionary Suffrage appointments even if the most exciting thing you do all week is try a new beer or go to yoga on a Monday night. True stuff.

This is a brilliant diary and I would highly reccomend it to all modern Suffragettes and Revolutionaries alike. It’s easy to forget that women fought for our right to vote and to higher education but you won’t forget it on a daily basis with this wonderful diary.


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