Viva Espana! A sunny weekend in Spain

Last September when the leaves were falling of their branches and the weather was turning towards Autumn I took a quick weekend away to Palma, Mallorca to get the last of the summer sun. I love the sun, the heat and everything that goes with it BUT my skin does not. My skin burns, prickles and blisters in the heat – hence why I went to Mallorca in Septemer.

Mallorca has a special place in my heart as one of my favourite places I travelled to as a child. I was lucky as a child to travel to France, Italy, Portgual or Spain on a yearly or bi-yearly rotational basis. I was also VERY lucky to have travelled to South Africa, Canada and America several times by the age of eight. To say travel is in the blood is an understatement. I am addicted and the addiction is getting worse and worse.

There is nothing quite like soaring above the clouds to new destinations and returning to much loved destinations again and again. Spain is one of these destinations that I love to return to over and over. Hence why I decided to travel to Mallorca. For the first time in twenty years! As the plane soared above the sky I was excited to return to a favourite childhood destination.

We flew over Barcelona (one of my favourite ever cities!) and descended over the east coast of Majorca to descend into Palma airport. I flew with Jet2 which I could say is an experience as our flight left early in the morning. Complete with ‘no alcohol’ before eight a.m. announcement! We only flew to Mallorca with Jet2 as it was the cheapest last minute flights we could find. I don’t think I’d fly with them again unless they were a last resort. 

Palma is the capital of Mallorca the largest island in the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean sea. Majorca has a bit of a mixed reputation for the Irish and British holiday maker. The east and west coasts of the island are less developed and offer more of an authentic Spanish experience for those looking something away from the all inclusive resorts in the north and south (e.g. Magaluf). 

Palma is like most souther Spanish cities – apartment blocks, muncipal buildings, shops and churches made out of sand or honey coloured stone and brick. You can really notice the Moorish influence on Spanish architecture in Palma. Particularly in the older buildings in the historic city centre.

Mallorca has a bustling dock, harbour and beach area that is ripe for exploration for people who want both the city and beach experience in one city break. I met my parents who were holidaying in Mallorca and we wandered around the city and ate and drank to our hearts content. Check back soon for an architectural tour of buildings in Palma. Something to make you smile in the dreary, dark days that we’ve been having recently due to terrible weather! 


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