Self-Love on Valentine’s Day

Before you think this post is about something sordid, it’s not. Sorry to disappoint you but this isn’t that type of blog. This post, and the second part next week with YouTube video (!), is about how important it is to take care of yourself every day of the year, not just Valentine’s Day. Basically, this post is about ‘self-love’ twenty-four-seven.

What do I mean by ‘self-love’? Self-love for me is taking care of yourself, doing things that bring you happiness, spending time with people who encourage you and generally taking time to do what you want when you want. I’m a big proponent of the Danish tradition of ‘Hygge’ or cosiness; sitting under a blanket reading my favourite book whilst drinking a nice glass of craft beer in either winter or summer is my kinda night in.

Self-love for you could be something completely different. You might enjoy sky-diving, horse riding, painting, tattooing, dancing etc. Self-love is basically doing that special something that makes you absolutely delirious with happiness, relaxed or even cosy. You might enjoy just sitting in a quiet room with no distractions, no technology and no obligations. I know I do and I’m not the only who does.

Self-love for me are the following things:

Reading a good book, preferably classical literature or a good murder-mystery. You’ve probably guessed but I’m a BIG Agatha Christie fan. Particularly who is most arguably her most famous detective, the Belgian everybody loves, Hercule Poirot.

I also enjoy watching the televised adaptations of Poirot and Miss. Marple. I’m also a big fan of watching basically any police or crime drama, murder mystery or period drama if I want a bit of an escape from everyday life. Additionally, if there is period drama murdery mystery on TV, well that’s pretty much the best thing ever for me. As I can drool over the costumes and the inner fashion historian in me gets excited over glorious period fashions that I can only dream about!

The second thing that I would classify as important for self-love for anyone, particularly myself, is a bath. I love a bath, like really love a good bath-you have no idea! I once had a bath at my friend’s apartment whilst I was at university because my student accommodation didn’t have a bath, that’s how much I love baths!

I love nothing more than picking a new type of bubble bath (FYI this post is not sponsored by the Body Shop. Though I wish it was as I use their amazing bath stuff all the time) or bath bomb (they’re very Insta-worthy at the moment, if you must know!) and watching the bubbles form in the lovely, hot bath.

After a lovely, relaxing bath not only do I feel super-duper clean but also really relaxed and happy. The happiness probably has something to do with me picking a favourite book to read in the bath whilst sipping a glass of wine or my latest find in Craft Beer.

When I have my own house I really want to have a TV screen in the bathroom so I can watch murder mysteries and period drama’s to my hearts content without worrying about damaging my laptop through steam and water. A woman can dream, right?  (This house is also the house where I wear tweed and drive a Landrover Defender to and from. Basically, I need to live in a large country Manor house. I’ve been watching too much Poirot!)

In next weeks blog post and video (!) I’ll be discussing the other steps I achieve for self-love in my life. The steps involve food. Lots of food. I love food a lot, if you haven’t realised that already! The YouTube video will be a summary of both blog posts and my first under my rebranded name of ‘Rachel With An E!’

(c) Rachel Sayers 2013-2017.

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