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How amazing are the clothes in thisĀ this lady’s Instagram feed? They’re very Betty Draper-esque! Betty Draper is a style and a personal idol of mine because she didn’t give a damn what people thought about her. Awesome lady.

Here is eight healthy cooking tips that any healthy eating aficionado, myself included, should know. Basically add cinnamon to everything! Which I already do!

An amazing house called ‘Grey Gardens’ is for sale in the Hamptons in the USA. The house used to belong to eccentric cousins of Jackie Kennedy who are basically my style icons.

I made these during the week and they’re so good! You wouldn’t even know that the main ingredient is kidney beans!

As a proud Irish woman who loves history and gets frustrated about the lack of resources on women’s and Irish women’s history, I’ve come across this wonderful resource about badass women from history!

Did you know that for the longest time Valentine’s Day was also a day for people to send insults to people they didn’t like or weren’t attracted to?

I’m going to Krakow next month for a holiday and I’m really excited to discover new museums, new craft beer, new vintage and all the wonderful historical sites Krakow has to offer. This blog post gives hints and tips for non-touristy, authentic experiences in Krakow!

Sandra Beijer is one of my favourite bloggers. I’ve been reading her blog for nearly ten years (!) and it’s fuelled my dream of living in Scandinavia ever since. If you don’t know me my greatest dream in life is to like in Sweden work in museums as a Fashion Historian and own a wooden Swedish house with 1950s furniture and an Aga!

And finally I have always loved tweed but I’m on the look out for a good vintage Harris or Lewis Tweed jacket to start to live out my above mentioned Swedish countryside fantasy. And everyone knows that if you live in the country one must wear tweed!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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