My 2017 – 2018 Travel Plans


Happy Tuesday! How has your week been this far? So far I’ve went to a Zumba class, ate my own body weight in vegan cake and have started planning my travel plans for the rest of the year and into next year! Read on for more info on where I’m going to next……

So you might have grasped that I have a new job and with a new job means I now have the funds to indulge in my passion (nay obsession) with travelling. Though I will be saving as well as travelling so any travelling I do will be on a budget. Not a minute budget but a budget that means I can enjoy myself without breaking the bank.So where am I going? Well where am I not going!? I’m sticking to Continental Europe and one trip to the Canary Islands. In September, I am going to Rome and Bari (in Puglia, south-eastern Italy).

This is quickly followed by a trip home to host one of my best friends from China as we explore the Giant’s Causeway, North Coast of Ireland and possibly Dublin. In November, I’m hoping to get to Copenhagen to see The Residents, one of my all-time favourite (and weird) bands. If this trip doesn’t work out I’m probably going to go Barcelona for a quick winter getaway.

Closely followed by these trips is a trip to Tenerife between Christmas and New Years. In the depths of a Scottish winter all I want is sun, sea and surf so I’ve booked an all-inclusive (though classy might I add!) with a few friends of mine for some Christmas sun.

This might seem like a lot of travelling BUT for it is achievable with a carefully managed budget and saving money where and when I can. I buy in bulk from cheaper shops, buy meat and veg from my local butcher’s and greengrocers (better taste and better value) and meal prep for my lunches, snacks and dinner’s during the working week. That £1.00 discounted coffee in the café at work soon adds up to £20 a month. £20 x three months = £80 that can be spent towards flights. Hence why I’ll be making my own coffee! My travel plans are achievable and might change dependent on my situation or where I want to go. But I’m already plotting and planning for the first half of 2018 with trips home, trips to Lisbon, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece possibly in the works! Who says I’m not a travel addict? I’m  definitely am!


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