I have been working hard in my vintage office creating my new blog ‘The Museum Standard.’ 

The picture of the nice vintage looking lady really isn’t me. This is me:

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Doing one of the things that I love best; visiting museums*. Talking of museums, my love for them (and Heritage) has inspired me to start a blog. This blog shall also be my digital portfolio for potential clients and for job interviews. It will also be a digital record for my Continuous Profession Development. Or ‘CPD’ for those of us ‘in the know.’

This blog will also be a platform for me to express my thoughts on issues current to the museum world. As well as my trials and tribulations as a young Museum Professional based in Northern Ireland and London. 

This blog shall also be a place for me to share my ideas with other museum and heritage professionals. This would hopefully result in meeting like minded individuals and working in Europe and further afield.



What do I hope to achieve with this blog?

  • To develop my own museum and heritage practice.
  • To develop a practice that is useful for national

and international clients.


  • To broaden my opportunities within the Museums &

Heritage world.


  • To network with international museum and heritage

institutions/international museum professionals.


  • To sound out ideas for my own practice, research

and development.


What content shall my blog have?

  • Exhibition reviews.


  • My opinions and thoughts onissues currently effectingthe Museums & Heritage world.


  • My continuous professionaldevelopment.


  • A summary of my work &volunteering within theMuseum & Heritage industry.


Why the ‘Museum Standard?’

The name ‘Museum Standard,’ came about after reading the London ‘Evening Standard’ on a packed tube train in January of this year.

The name appealed to me as my as I want my blog to be a newspaper or magazine of sorts; my reports on museum and heritage happenings would be ‘articles’ per say.


I hope to develop this blog (and my writing style) into a ‘go to’ blog in the Museums & Heritage blog-o-sphere. It may take a long time but it will be worth it!


Find out more about me:


Contact me.



*This picture was taken at the V&A Museum of Childhood, specifically the ‘Modern British Childhood’ exhibition in January 2013. 

Photograph © my photographer boyfriend, who also set up this blog. A big thanks to him.



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