Long Time, No See.

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Dear Blog, please forgive my lack of attention these past few months.

Hi there. Haven’t seen you around these parts for some time. What have you been doing?

Well, what haven’t I been doing! I’ve completed a Master’s degree in Museum Studies, travelled further across Europe than I ever had before and met some amazing and talented friends and museum professionals. I haven’t completely ignored this blog- I’ve just been incredibly busy with life and my Master’s course. When it says ‘Full Time Master’s’ it means Full Time. From spending twelve hours a day in the library during Dissertation writing season to annoying staff in the library for that elusive book you need a reference to and visiting so many museums you can’t remember their names- it like having a full time job!

However, I wouldn’t have changed any of my experiences whilst studying in England. I met some wonderful people, fuelled my love for academia and books (Yay Books!) and learnt more about museums than I could have in the workplace. I thoroughly recommend undertaking a post-graduate Museum Studies course; it will do wonders for your career and self-confidence, but maybe not you’re bank balance!

So, what’s going to happen to the blog?

Well I hope to come out of my blogger’s block and once more post regular posts on topics relevant to the museum world, exhibition reviews, career advice etc. Additionally, I wish to take a more academic stance in some of my future blog posts in relevance to some topics I studied on my Master’s course, how Academia can inform and inspire Museum practice and an Academic stance in exhibition reviews. I’m doing this to try to improve my writing, critical analytical skills and to become more adept in researching problems pertinent to the museum world.

Does that mean long, boring, academic style blog posts?

Academia and research does not have to be boring; this is precisely what I will try to combat in my future blog posts! I will try to show readers that research is fun and interesting whilst also showing how research informs and enlightens museum professionals. So don’t expect an over usage of academic language (trust me some of the stuff I read for my Master’s made me go ‘huh?’) or an over in-depth critical analysis of every aspect of an exhibition! Do expect fun, relevant and interesting blog posts juxtaposed alongside academic research.

Anything else you want to tell the readers?

Not particularly, just that there might be a more fashion history focus on the blog than in previous blog posts.  I’ve taken the decision to focus on fashion history as my avenue of interest within the museum world, eventually hoping to be recognised as a fashion historian. I feel that ‘The Museum Standard’ is a perfect platform for me to experiment with my writing, research and analysis of fashion history within both a museum and historical setting.

So dear blog readers (and blog!) please forgive me for a lack of interest in The Museum Standard. This is going to change within the near future with new blog posts and an updated website!


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