How To Pack a Backpack

As you read this I’m officially on my sixth trip of the year so far and by the time I get back I’ll have already been on ten flights this year. I’m away in England for the wedding of one of my best friends from Uni and only need to take a small back pack with me so I’d thought I’d show you how I pack a backpack! What a mouthful!

I’m lucky that I don’t need that much too travel for a weekend trip and have edited down what I really need versus what I think I might need for such a short trip. Carrying a backpack might not be for everyone and they can be cumbersome if you’re walking about all day BUT a small suitcase can also be annoying if you’re walking about a city with no left luggage facility. *cough* Belfast *cough*.

This backpack is from amazon and goes with most of my outfits. It’s not vintage but it does the job. It’s big enough to hold all my essentials plus room for some souvenirs if I want to go shopping! I’m bringing with me for my weekend away:

1 x Vintage 1950s Italian dress for the wedding.

1 x Jacket for the wedding that doubles as an overcoat.

1 x Pair of lightweight 1960s high heels.

1 x Travel Straighteners.

1 x Change of top for Sunday.

1 x Pair of sandals for travelling (I’ll be wearing these).

1 x Book for entertainment.

1 x Small handbag. 

Assortment of underwear.






Snacks & Fruit.

And that’s pretty much it as I plan to wear what I’m wearing to the airport tomorrow on Sunday and just changing my top so I’m fresh and clean for my trip home to Ireland! Wearing the same outfit going and coming back stops my need for packing an outfit for the return leg of my journey.

I’m wearing jeans coming and going as my flight is only forty-five minutes and therefore I have no fear of having blood clots! If my flight is over an hour I will wear a dress and tights or loose fitting flared trousers. You won’t see me in leggings and slouchy clothes as I dress up to fly much like people did in the 1950s and 1960s! 

Now onto the packing. Put your heaviest item at the bottom of your back pack; this is probably your shoes. Pack your pants, bras, socks tights etc. into your shoes. If you have anything valuable say an extra credit card, money or jewellery pack these into your socks etc. so that they are at the bottom of your bag and extra secure!

Next if you have a book, leaflets, writing pad etc. put that at the back of your backpack so that it is flat against your back when walking. Nothing worse than something poking against you when you have a lot of walking to do! This is also a good place to pack your snacks so that they don’t break and stay up right dependent on what you are bringing. I’m bringing protein bars and rice cakes and they need to be straight as they tend to break.

On top or beside your shoes put your handbag if you are bringing one and fill it with all your odds and ends from hair clips, powder make-up, extra snacks. Basically, anything that can fit into a small handbag and won’t be flying loose around in your backpack! Next to this put your straighteners, hairdryer etc. or even down the sides of your backpack. I now have a somewhat flat surface to layer my extra t-shirt and cardigan and my dress I’m wearing for the wedding.

I’ve packed the dress in a canvas bag so it doesn’t get creased and I can use the canvas bag for any shopping!Next I’ve put my toiletries, passport and tickets towards the top of my bag so I can easily grab them for going through security at the airport.

I’ve also placed my purse and phone towards the top of the bag but not so easy reachable if you are a mugger! I’ve also popped in a scarf and my dry-good toiletries (talcum powder, blusher etc.) so I can a) freshen up at the airport an b) keep warm on the plane! So there goes my way of packing a backpack for a short weekend or overnight trip! Enjoy the accompanying YouTube video below and don’t forget to comment, view and subscribe! 


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