By the Sea Shore

As you may have grasped I’ve recently moved to Scotlan, to the west coast to be precise, for a job. I like to explore the area I live in when I move somewhere, especially pretty sea side villages. On this note I recently went to Dunure, a sea side village twenty minutes south of Ayr, for a day trip with a friend. Much fun, eating of fish and chips and ice cream ensued!

Dunure is an ancient coastal village that has the remains of a fortified harbor and a castle clinging to the cliffs. There are also stunning views over to the Ilse of Arran and Ailsa Craig (where the granite for curling is quarried).

There are pretty houses dotted on the road to Dunure and beautiful cottages in the village itself. There is the Dunure Inn if you want a drink or some food as well as small cafe that serves fish and chips and ice cream.

I had fish and chips and a lovely double cone of Italian gelato ice cream. I love ice cream but am an ice cream snob and only really prefer to eat Italian gelato BUT the great thing about the west coast of Scotland that a lot of Italian family’s settled here and set up gelateria’s! I ate my fish and chips an ice cream by the harbour and admired the views over to Arran.

As you can see I’m wearing appropiate colours for a sea side village trip aka navy blue! Though I do think my red hair clashes somewhat with my dress but I don’t care as I believe wear what you want when you want! I’d highly reccomend a visit to Dunure if you’re in the area as the views over to Arran are worth the trip alone.

To get to Dunure folow the signs south of Ayr for Stranraer and look for a sign pointing right once you come to a place called Fisherton. Trust me you won’t be disapointed if you decide to spend an afternoon in Dunure!



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