Choosing an MA course (+ Cary Grant).

So here is a very confused (and very handsome…look at that jaw line!) Cary Grant! He’s contemplating undertaking a Masters course to enhance his career prospects. (Not that he ever needed to, he is/was/always will be utterly divine!)

So there a few things to consider when you are choosing your MA course. The range from location to price to quality of the teaching or the institute the course is being taught at. Below are a couple of things I can think of that anyone should consider when undertaking an MA course (maybe take a note like this nice vintage lady!):

Location – Where is the course? Can you access the University easily? Are there adequate transport links?

Price – How expensive is the course? Is their available funding? Does the quality of the course support the price cost?

Quality – What is the quality of the teaching/university/faculty like? Have previous post-graduate’s gained jobs after graduating?

Content – Is there a placement element within the course? What links do they have with the museum/heritage industry? Are there modules teaching students practical abilities to have to secure a job?

There are many other things to consider when contemplating a undertaking an MA course. Personally, I feel the main thing to consider is the benefit it will have to your career. MA course’s are a very good investment, especially in the Museums/Heritage industry where you need both academic experience & practical experience (or so I’ve always found)!

Next time, I will talk about more things to consider and some examples of good MA courses that are rated highly by the museums/heritage industry. In the mean time don’t pull your hair out!


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