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Hello! Firstly, this post has nothing do with Valentine’s day. For a start, I think it’s a soppy romantic holiday and I don’t do soppy romance as a rule. However, this is a quick post on something close to my heart; gaming in a museum setting. I am very interested in how gaming,video games, paper games or a game based around a museum enhance the museum experience. I’m also curious about women’s roles in making these games for museums and heritage spaces.

I have read countless reviews, blog posts, articles etc. on women’s involvement with games and museums. These range from gaming used in education for all ages to QR code games within permanent and temporary exhibitions. Everyone loves a good QR code game, as long as they are easy to find and have fun content!

One particular article stood out to me above everything else I have read on the museum & games topic. This year the Victoria & Albert museum, in London, have appointed their first ‘Game Designer in residence!’

And it is a woman!What an awesome job! Working in the V&A and developing games for visitors to the V&A. I’m a little bit jealous!


Architect’s drawing of different elevations of the V&A museum, London. From here.

Sophia George, is the ‘Game Designer in Residence.’ Her role shall be to develop a game on the theme of the ‘British Design 1500 – 1900,’ in the British galleries of the museum. Sophia shall also work alongside a local school to increase interest in what is primarily a male dominated industry. Sophia’s residency shall be in conjunction with the V&A at Dundee and Abertay University, Dundee.

 More info can be found here.


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