Tallulah Bankead c.1940.

So long time no see….it’s been a long time since I have updated this blog. It has been in fact over six months since my last blog post. I gave up blogging for a while as I had what we bloggers call ‘Blogger’s Block.’ It is much like writers block, only in blog form and coming up with content for blog posts.

I also had an operation on my eyes in the Summer, which matter of factly meant that I was unable to use the computer for more than twenty minutes at a time for over two months. So all of this coupled with being bored with my blog lead to a disillusionment with the blogging world in general.

So what have I been doing in between my last blog post and now? Well I have started an MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies at the University of Leeds. I have also moved to Leeds and in the process visited a lot of museums. This rejuvenation, if you will, has lead to me becoming inspired in re-kindling this blog. I have visited some fantastic exhibitions in London, Leeds, York,  and Amsterdam that I wish to discuss and share with the museum community. So keep your eyes peeled for regular reviews of exhibitions I have visited in the last few months!

I will be bringing back my regular ‘Sunday/Saturday Supplement’ of happenings in the museum world every fortnight. I also help to develop a more critical approach to reviewing some exhibitions and issues within the museum world. Though this will be coupled with the usual light hearted posts that I have been posting since I created this blog, nearly two years ago!

By being motivated to write and update this blog regularly I hope that it will also develop my thinking and writing skills. I also hope that regular updates of the blog will motivate me to develop myself as a museum professional. After all, we all hold ourselves responsible for what we manifest in our lives. So look forward to more blog posts in the near future!

Until next time 🙂


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