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Hey guys, so as you’ve probably realise my blog and website have started to take a different direction. Particularly, since I’ve started making YouTube videos on my travels, on culture, museums, history and lifestyle videos. This change (hence the Monty Python reference) came about whilst travelling in Florence in May of this year. I thought to myself that I want to create and share content that is solely not just museum based, hence the name change from ‘The Museum Standard’ to ‘The Culture Standard’.


That I wanted to share my love of travel, culture (books, music, fashion, museums etc)., lifestyle (food, vintage/alternative lifestyle, working out, stress etc) and dress and social history. As well as other topics important to me such as feminism, history in general, politics, reading, sewing amongst a whole plethora of topics. So to be able to this I’ve started a YouTube channel ‘The Culture Standard’ where I will share all of the above.


My YouTube channel is alongside me sharing content (and blog posts and videos) on Instagram, Twitter and eventually Facebook. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m still passionate as hell about museums, galleries and heritage sites. Its just that I don’t want to focus solely on these places anymore. Instead I want to share the rest of the amazing city the museum I’ve just visited in is like, or what I ate before or after visiting a museum in New York or Sydney. As well, as reviews, discussions and hopefully interviews from museum staff of wonderful museums and heritage sites world wide.


I hope to make content that will inspire and encourage people to travel to new places and discover the history and heritage of these places. Alongside the wonderful cultural activities ranging from food to sports to walks that many country’s have to offer. Additionally, I want to make videos of issues affecting me on a daily basis, or vlog my daily life or what I ate or what I did at the gym. I also hope to create videos on fashion and social history, interviews with fashion historians and museum staff and explain history so that everyone can enjoy it. Essentially, I want to become the Lucy Worsley with Niomi Smart thrown in of the Culture, Museums, and Travel world.


Hence why I’m writing this blog post to inform my readers that my content will change. My website will be undergoing a re-design again to concentrate on the blog being at the landing page, whilst my portfolio etc. will be additional pages. I want to be able to travel the world and freelance whilst I’m doing so (or create content with brands etc.) as I don’t see myself working a 9-5 job the rest of my life. Many of you might think that I want the easy way out by doing YouTube. However, YouTube is HARD I’m still mastering Premiere Pro, nevermind the constant marketing, research and corresponding with people within the community!


Some posts and videos may be academic in their terminology, dependent on the topic and how I want to write the blog post. However, I’ll always try to explain things in laymen’s terms so that you can understand it. As eventually I’d like to do a PhD and practicing academic writing really helps! So until next time don’t lean too heavily on the changes I’m making (couldn’t resist because of the above picture) and always look on the bright side of life! (Hope you get that reference to; I love Monty Python!). In the meantime enjoy my vlog below of Florence!

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