The Sunday Supplement

Sunday Supplement (2)

Good Morning! And welcome to the ‘Sunday Supplement.’ This post is (hopefully) the start of a weekly, either Saturday or Sunday round of Museum news in the UK and further afield. I’ve named it the ‘Saturday/Sunday Supplement’ as my blog’s name is derived from the London Evening Standard – and most newspapers have a ‘supplement’ magazine at the weekends! So without further ado, let’s get started with some Museum news….

UK & Ireland:

  • ‘Curious Beats: Animal Prints from the British Museum’ exhibition at the Ulster Museum.
  • The ‘Viking Live’ event (a cinematic ‘tour’ of the Vikings Exhibition at the British Museum) is being held across the UK & Ireland on 24th.
  • Kirklees Council in Bradford has voted against the selling of major works from it’s collection, Works include paintings by the famous Yorkshire painter L.S. Lowry.
  • Free conference ‘Creative Centenaries: Digital Culture’ at the Linen Hall Library, 25th March. Conference themes include how to ‘preserve’ history using digital tools and speakers from the Imperial War Museums in London.
  • Young Curators and Ancient Artefacts day at Stirling Museum, Scotland. An excellent way to engage children with museums!
  • In the age of never ending culture budget cuts, Cardiff Story Museum faces a £220,00 funding deficit over the next few years.


  • In the never ending turmoil of the Ukrainian situation, national museums in the Ukraine have started to collect ephemera from riot sites, protesters and medical staff. This ‘immediacy’ of collecting  will someday be made into the ‘Museum of Maidan’ as well as being a legacy for the ‘new’ Ukraine.
  • Thinking about studying a PhD in Museum Studies? Why not study in Denmark. The University of Leicester’s  Museum Studies students  blog has an interesting blog post on University life in Denmark.
  • And last but not least, a heart warming collection of photographs of New Zealand photographer George Leslie Adkin is available online to view. Included are photo’s of his fiancee and rural life in New Zealand 100 years ago.

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