The Sunday Supplement 08/06/2014

Sunday Supplement (2)Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you enjoy this well overdue ‘Sunday Supplement.’ I promise it won’t be so long in between posts again! 🙂

UK & Ireland:

  • The Museums Association has launched ‘Regional Pages.’ This is a great opportunity to update the UK wide museum sector about happenings in Northern Irish museums!
  • Museums in Scotland are to offer professional help in the re-building of the Glasgow School of Art that was recently burnt down.
  • Three new museums in Northern Ireland have been awarded Full Accreditation.  Well done! The museums are Mid-Antrim museum services, Armagh Public Library and Garvagh Museum.
  • Places for the Irish Museums Association ‘Education & Outreach Seminar’ are now open for booking. The seminar takes place on Fri 27th June in Collins Barracks Museum, Dublin.
  • The ancient stone at the Hill of Tara has been vandalised with paint.


  • A museum in China is forced to close after Police find that 1/3 of it’s exhibits are fakes!
  • Three people were shot dead at a Jewish Museum in Brussels. It begs the question, will museum security have to be heightened to protect visitors?
  • MoMa (The Museum of Modern Art, New York) has released over 4000,000 free downloadable images of its collection items online!
  • An exhibition in Madrid has been censored by the Turkish Government. The Turkish authorities have removed any reference to the Armenian Genocide. The genocide was one of the most brutal incidents of early 20th Century Turkish history.

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