The Saturday Supplement

Happy Saturday! I’m wishing for some sunny weather, like in this picture, but I’m being hopeful! So I think I’ll just eat my own body weight in mac & cheese! But where has the week gone to? I’ve been writing, editing, photographing and filming everything and anything for the blog for the next few weeks as I go away to Krakow in just over a week’s time. So excited!

As usual I’m scouring the internet for stuff to make at the weekend and have found this macaroni cheese recipe (although I’m substituting the cream and milk for soya milk and soya cream due to a slight lactose intolerance) and this fried chicken recipe to try at the weekend. Yummy!

Some great tips for improving the photographs on your blog. Think I’m going to have to follow the tip about ‘Twitter Cards’!

In America some health authorities want to ease restriction of who can and who can’t access abortion pills. This has echoes of the ‘Repeal the 8th’ campaign in southern Ireland and the on-going issues with an out of date abortion law (1867 people, 1867 the law was enacted!) in the north of Ireland.

As someone who loves books this article on the literary history of Krakow has me eager to discover more of Poland’s literary heritage.

The top ten restaurants in Krakow. Going to try to go to all of them. In four days. Should be easy!

How Irish literature formed one American’s vision of Ireland.

The dilemma of owning a kindle versus reading ‘real’ books. I’m still one for reading ‘real’ books and regularly take three to four soft-back books away with me when I travel. Something of having an electronic device in my hand to read puts me off versus the smell and touch of books which you can’t get with a kindle.

As a fellow crazy cat lady this is a blog post after my own heart!


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