New Year, New Blog, New Me.

So not much has been happening around these parts for quite some time. I can even see dust bunny’s beginning to form in the corner’s. So in the ‘New Year’s’ /Spring Clean spirit of things (I never do a Spring Clean-takes too long!) I’ve re-booted my blog (again).

Why? you ask. Well, because I was bored of just writing about museums and culture and wanted to write about everything else that I love. Though don’t worry there will still be plenty of culture and museums as I still love both!

I’m going to be very.very organised (as it says above on my snazzy organiser from Wilko’s). I’m going to commit to two to three blog posts a week and once I start to get the hang of Adobe Premier Pro (I need an MA in how to use it) I will be uploading lifestyle, travel, culture and history videos, vlogs, advice etc. to YouTube.

My blog posts will also be a mixture of reviews, advice, how-to’s and some academic,political and cultural think-pieces as I’m trying to up the ante on my academic writing ability because I really want to be Dr. Rachel – A Doctor of Dress History (the dream!).

So to do that I will be doing lots of writing….

Obligatory writing picture above! And to be able to have my new snazzy/jazzy (these words will appear a lot as I love them!) blog I’ve re-named it (again) to ‘Rachel with an E’. The name comes from the fact that everyone always spells my name Rachael, when it is Rachel so I’m always correcting people by saying, ‘It’s Rachel with an E.’

This brilliant idea for my blog came to when I was enjoying my Tuesday night Zumba class.  I do all my best thinking during my Tuesday night Zumba class, but enough about Zumba (though more on that in another post) and now on with this regularly scheduled blog post!

I hope you will enjoy reading and watching what I get up to on this blog, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.  P.S. Please bare with me whilst I update and change the layout of my blog and social media sites. I’m still learning how to change my blog and social media sites over from their previous incarnations(note to self- need to to more research into blogging as a business, pitching etc. Eeek! Scary Biscuits!)

P.P.S. Also expect more things Vintage! I <3 Vintage clothing and I think that love needs to be shared with the world 😉

All content (c) Rachel Sayers 2013-2017.

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