My Weekly Life

So I’m testing out a new blog post format; a quick and snappy look at what I’m doing week to week. From generic life things to my job to hanging out with friends and general meandering about on my day to day life I’m going to document it and leave a brief comment after the photos. That way you can enjoy my photo’s and not be bogged down with lots of text!


A trip to Dublin. Visiting the Guinness Brewery. Buying flowers. 


A walk by the river. One of my favorite Irish Craft Beer’s.


Reading in the garden. Harry Potter graffiti. Editing photo’s from my Edinburgh and Glasgow trip.



A mental health blip. Walk through the Bluebells.


Made my first Smoothie Bowl. Granola. Oats. Chia Seeds. Strawberries. Bananas.


Snuggles with my lovely George. Happiness.


Working on a presentation on Irish red cloaks. Vegetable and seafood linguine.


Pancakes for breakfast. Again. Taco Time with friends.


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