Why I Started YouTube

You’re probably wondering what an historic interior has to do with my decision to start a YouTube channel, Rachel With An E (NEED LINK), last year. Well it has nearly everything to do with some of the reasons why I started YouTube in 2016.  I started YouTube to share my love of everything historical (as well as vintage lifestyle, lifestyle videos, fitness and travel videos).

It is no secret that I love history and am passionate about sharing my love of history to a wider audience. History is not boring and informs everything we do on a daily basis from the newspaper we read to the clothes we wear. Hence why I wanted to start a YouTube channel and dispell the myth that history is boring.

I really admire historians and curator’s who share their love of history through TV programs, blogs and social media. Particularly Lucy Worsely and Dan Snow; they’ve taken their expertise and enthusiasm about history and turned it into a successful career. If they can do that then why can’t I?

I hope that by starting my YouTube channel that I can possibly build a career similar to Lucy Worsley and Dan Snow coupled with curatorial and academic work in museums and universities. I want to share my love of all things historic with new generations and new audiences. That’s why there is sporadic pictures of my recent visit to Culzean Castle in this blog post- I want to share my visits to historic places with a much wider audience and inspire new people to love history as much as I do.

I love the miniutae of everyday life in the past (particularl the inter-war era and the Second World War) and find it interesting that things we are doing today e.g. travelling to work, cooking dinner etc. are not too dis-similar to the way people went to work or ate dinner in the 1930s albeit trains and cooking technology has changed over eighty years.

Next time you go to a museum or historic house or even an outdoor heritage site and are inspired about what you saw or experienced share it with friends and family. You never know you might even inspire a future historian, curator or archaelogist!


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