London Calling Part Three: The Thames.

Everyone, or nearly everyone, knows that the Thames is the river that divides London in two. The Thames is also the river that for centuries was the commercial and boating centre of London. Nowadays, the Thames attracts many visitors to walk along the Embankment beside the river or to visit the many attractions that are situated near the river.

On my recent trip to London I deliberately got off the tube several stops early to walk around St. Pauls and the back streets that lead to the Thames. Enjoy some of the pictures from my walk and the beautiful sunset over the Thames!

First off the glorious cathedral that is St. Paul’s. Designed by Sir Christopher Wren and built in 1675, St. Paul’s cathedral survived the Blitz of the Second World War to become one of London’s most famous attractions. (Though I’ve never been inside, and I should go in some time, but I tend to avoid tourist London).

If you walk around the outside of St. Paul’s you can often find some squirrels that are quite photogenic, like this cheeky chappy! Moving on from St. Paul’s I walked through London’s backstreets towards the Thames….

Past leaf-strewn secret alley ways….

Through cobbled streets and alleyways…

And very cool painted signs to see the sunset over the Thames!

Even though it was a cold winter’s day it was wonderful to see the sunset over the river Thames. The sky turned from pink to red to blue and finally darkness set over London and I walked towards the Southbank to meet friends. I really would encourage you to walk around London and use your map to discover hidden London. There is so much more to London if you just l

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