Foods of the Moment: My Top Four

Happy Saturday everyone! By the time this blog post has went live I’ll have posted a new ‘What I Eat In A Day’ video to my YouTube channel all about what I ate post-festival after going to see Guns n Roses in Slane a few weeks back.  To say I’ve wanted to see Guns n Roses since I was a kid is an understatement! I’ve just been waiting until some of the original band members (Duff McKagan and Slash) decided they’d tour with Axl Rose again. Let me tell you the wait was worth it, they were amazing!

Anyway, on the food! Below are some of my favorite foods that I like to eat on a regular basis either as a snack or part of a bigger meal. These foods are healthy, nutritious and most of all yummy! I ate the following foods as I recovered from my festival experience….

Smootie Bowls. 

So I’ve caught onto the ‘craze’ of smoothie bowls and make these for my breakfast when I have time in the morning to be creative with my food! Which means mainly at the weekends. I like to experiment with different fruit, vegetables, granola and nut butters to make different flavored smoothie and acai bowls. They’re nutritious, filling and can help you feel less bloated the morning after a night out or a day of heavy eating.

Overnight Oats/Natural Yoghurt. 

Yoghurt is yummy. Yoghurt is amazing. Yoghurt is good for you. Basically natural or Greek yoghurt (full fat versions as low fat versions add sugar to combat the lack of fat!) is one of my favorite go to snacks anytime of the day which leaves me feeling full and satisfied. You can pair yoghurt with fruit, nuts, peanut butter or use it as a topping on cereal, granola, muesli and pancakes. Natural and Greek yoghurt have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help gut bacterian, digestion and stomach bloating.

Oats; hot or cold, with diary-free milk or yoghurt oats are amazing and keep you full-up for a very long time! In the Summer, I use yoghurt to make overnight oats with frozen fruit and add fresh fruit in the morning. In the Winter, I use oats to make hot porridge with fruit, peanut butter and cinnamon. Delicious.

Peanut Butter. I don’t need to tell you how much I love peanut butter, like really love it. Peanut butter is amazing for sweet, savoury, hot or cold dishes and is an excellent source of protein. I tend to buy Meridian peanut butter when I have a bit more money and Sun Pat peanut butter when I have less money. Both peanut butters are low in sugar and most importantly for me don’t contain palm oil. If you know me then you know I religiously avoid palm oil in all products (I even google search the world for palm oil in the language of the country I’m visiting). Here’s why you should also avoid palm oil in everyday products (groceries, cometics and household goods).

I like to eat peanut butter on rice cakes with a cup of tea or de-caff coffee in the afternoon to stave off hunger between lunch and dinner. I also use peanut butter in smoothies, porridge, overnight oats, with yoghurt, on pancakes and in satay sauce. Peanut butter (always crunchy) is amazing and there’s nothing like opening a new jar of peanut butter and having the first spoonful out of the jar!

Dark chocolate in any form, particularly dark chocolate rice cakes.. I love dark chocolate nearly as much as I love peanut butter. However, I am drastically reduced my refined sugar intake (minus the odd craft beer and ice-cream as a treat) so I’m only having dark chocolate occasionally as part of my diet. I love Green & Black’s and Lindt 80% dark chocolate and have been known to eat a whole bar whilst watching Murder, She Wrote.


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