‘It’s Vintage Darling!’ – Why I Love Vintage Fashion!

So if you know me you will know that I live and breath vintage everything. Vintage fashion. Vintage hair. Vintage make-up styles. Vintage music. You get the picture but vintage permeates my life everyday in different ways from the way I talk to what I wear to how I conduct myself in public.

I do admit I start a lot of blog posts with ‘so if you know me…’ but I do admit the things that I like and influence are the things that I like to shout from the tree-tops about and vintage everything (especially fashion) is no exception.

Whilst I don’t go¬†all out vintage everyday, my day-to-day wear is inspired by 1940s and 1950s casual wear. Chino’s, wide-legged trousers (can’t get enough of these!), slacks, twin-sets and pearls, knitted jumpers and cardigans. I do own one pair of jeans but even then I’m wearing them as If I was a teenager in 1950s America.

Now don’t get me wrong I do follow modern fashion in the sense I read fashion blogs and see it as part of my aspiration to be a well known Fashion Historian some day. After all, I need to know what is coming off the catwalks to be able to see how fashion’s past influences fashion’s future.

I love, love, love vintage fashion and feel my best in my vintage ballgowns or 1950s flared trousers with my hair curled and red lipstick on. There’s something about vintage fashion’s feminine allure that modern fashion doesn’t do for me. The way to get me uncomfortable is to dress me in 2017 fashions; I’m awkward and uncomfortable. Give me a 1950’s dress any day!

My love of vintage stems from a childhood of being brought up my grandparents, great-aunts and great-uncles who were all young between the 1920s and 1960s so to say my vintage remit is vast and spans decades is an understatement. By age five I knew how to apply cold cream, put on red lipstick and set my hair for a proper 1950s hair-do. By age ten I knew how to give myself a manicure and paint my nails red, sew and darn, dress-make and every other domestic chore imaginable.

My relatives weren’t being sexist they were bringing me up as they did their children when gender lines were clearly defined and this transferred to by up-brining. Though my male cousins were also taught to darn, sew, knit and cook as these are life-skills not just ‘women’s skills.’

I relate to vintage music and Golden-Age films (my boyfriend jokes that I won’t look at a film after 1965. Though this is with a few exceptions to a good drama, period piece or 1980s popular movies. Ghostbusters – enough said) and how people talked and interacted in a bygone. I abhor rough manners, impoliteness, rudeness to elder’s and most importantly the way some people think it’s acceptable to dress in the modern age- pyjamas to the supermarket!?! A nice pair of jeans, clean shoes and a clean coat don’t take much time to rustle up before you go out in the morning.

Vintage fashion might not be for everyone as there is a certain amount of preparation in hair setting, manicuring and procuring vintage pieces but trust me it’s worth the extra minutes. Wearing vintage fashion makes you feel and look fabulous and plus if someone asks you where you got your fabulous 1950s ballgown you just have to say, ‘It’s vintage, darling!’


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