New Year. New Me. Meh.Bleh.Meh

  • Overwhelmed with trying to be a ‘better you’ when you are already ‘the best.’
  • Some things can help; yoga, meditation, flexitarian lifestyle, walking in nature.
  • More travel – something that makes me 100% happy.

Blowing Away the Cobwebs.

And yet again I’ve taken an un-scheduled blogging hiatus in the bloggign wilderness/feeling out of my depth. Don’t worry though this blogpost will not contain any pictures of cobwebs or said creatures that reside on cobwebs. Namely as I’m petrified of said creatures and these shall be deemed ‘Creatures That Shall Not Be Named.’ Much like Voldemort. Anyway, as you may know I know live in Scotland and have a full-time job and this coupled with moving, buying house stuff and general fatigue have left me little or no inspo for blogging! Though lo and behold I am back once more to blog, vlog, tweet, Instagram and generally rant about everyday life.

I got my blogging and YouTube inspiration back after watching some vlogmas videos and reading a wider array of blogs. 2018 will hopefully be better for ‘Rachel With An E’ than this year. I feel more inspired to discuss what makes me happy; history, art, culture, TRAVEL, food, animals, crafts etc. And I will (and shall be – watch this space) strive to be the Irish Lucy Worsely but of all of the above topics with a little academic and museum work on the side.

I basically want to be paid to talk about fashion history, research objects, travel and share my love of history with THE WORLD. That’s very ‘Pinky and the Brain-esque’ c.1995 but I don’t care. That’s what I want to do and I will do it! I’m inspired to share my love of history (mainly female history, 20th century and dress history) with the world BUT also travel, work in museums and make amazing and show people that in 2018 you can have a varied and portfolio career.  Watch this space for amazing things to happen in 2018!

Anxious Anxiety Part One

I might have touched on this topic before however if I haven’t I’ll discuss it now. I suffer from anxiety, mainly social and large crowd anxiety (particularly large crowds of small children; nothing puts me into a panic more than a pack of unruly, shouting children). I have developed coping methods for my anxiety as I travel a lot and need to make sure I can cope with packed airports, trains, buses etc. Read on if you want to know more about how I cope on a daily basis with anxiety.

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Why I Started YouTube

You’re probably wondering what an historic interior has to do with my decision to start a YouTube channel, Rachel With An E (NEED LINK), last year. Well it has nearly everything to do with some of the reasons why I started YouTube in 2016.  I started YouTube to share my love of everything historical (as well as vintage lifestyle, lifestyle videos, fitness and travel videos).

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Autumn Aspirations

Inspired by this post over on one of my favorite blogs, Cup of Jo, I decided to write up some of my ‘autumn aspirations’ for self-improvement, fitness and travel. I’m always one for improving one-self through courses and classes and exploring new places – Autumn is a perfect time to start this as the evenings are darker and we find ourselves spending more time indoors.

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