Viva Espana ! Palma’s Architectural Gems.

Following on from my last post about my trip to Palma, Mallorca last September let’s go on a walk through the back streets of the old town of Palma and explore the architectural gems of one of Spain’s most magical cities.

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Viva Espana! A sunny weekend in Spain

Last September when the leaves were falling of their branches and the weather was turning towards Autumn I took a quick weekend away to Palma, Mallorca to get the last of the summer sun. I love the sun, the heat and everything that goes with it BUT my skin does not. My skin burns, prickles and blisters in the heat – hence why I went to Mallorca in Septemer.

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Keep Your Money Safe. Budget Planning Tips.


As someone who struggles to save money on a regular basis due to having dyscalculia (basically dyslexia but with numbers) and not understanding the ‘logic’ behind numbers trying to save money is an ongoing struggle.

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Inspiring Words! A Suffragette Diary Review

Today marks the 100th anniversary that some women and all men over twenty-one gained the right to vote for the first time. ‘The Representation of the People Act 1918,’ was the act of parliament that issued a new era of women’s rights. Though it wasn’t until 1928 that every woman over twenty-one got the vote. With this in mind I wanted a diary for 2018 that commemorates the struggle for the right to vote by women.

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Wellness. Wellness. Wellness. Say It Three Times And It Might Be Real.

Wellness. Wellness. Wellness. If you say it three times then it might be real. Saying something three times refers to Beetlejuice and if you say his name three times. But you really don’t want Beeltejuice to appear. For me, 2017 seems to have been the year of ‘wellness’ and many different industries trying to market their own brand of ‘wellness’ to those interested in a heatlhy and well-rounded lifestyle.

I openly admit that I have struggled with ‘wellness’ and what that word means to me for the latter part of 2017 after I got my first full-time job in Scotland in July of this year. For me ‘wellness’ has always been taking ‘me-time’ (another big buzz word of 2017!) regularly whether that is going to the gym, eating a well balanced diet with the odd indulgence, meditation, yoga, reading, walking, meeting friends amongst many other things. With this prelude to over doing ‘wellness’ in 2017 being nearly everywhere one looks I have felt overwhelmed in that last few months to do everything prescibed to have a complete ‘wellness’ lifestyle. It is only since last week that I’ve decided to re-evaluate my ‘wellness’ activities to find things that will work for me in the long-term instead of short-term quick fixes.

In 2018 I plan to make more time to do things I want creatively speaking. For example, I plan to knit, paint, draw and sew more as a form of relaxation. I want to walk more and not stress out about going to the gym six times a week and only do four classes a week that I really want to do and some additional at home or gym-time strength building.

I want to grow my career in 2018 to start the beginnings of a career that comprises of blogging, YouTubing, academia, working in a museum and sharing my love of history and fashion history with a wider audience. I don’t know how that is going to plan out as of yet but I’m open to ideas and won’t turn down opportuinities that will be beneficial for me. I hope that in 2018 I will restore my ‘wellness’, exercise and lifestyle balance (with more travel!) to have a healthy and happy 2018.