About Me

First of all thanks for coming to my blog! My name is Rachel and I’m an Irish blogger, YouTuber, historian and curator based in Northern Ireland. I write about travel, culture, history, food, vintage fashion and all things lifestyle related on ‘Rachel With An E.’ ┬áMy blog got it’s name from me always telling people how to spell my name as many people spell my name ‘Rachael’ when it is ‘Rachel.’

I’m passionate about all things historical, vintage fashion, cats (!), murder mysteries, craft beer and travel and want to share this passion here and on my social media pages and YouTube channel. I believe that you can inspire people to love history, travel, eat well, keep fit and share an alternative lifestyle through many different means and want to share all my adventures in this area with you!

Most importantly my blog is a creative outlet for myself to share my thoughts, photo’s and experiences as I experience the world through an alternative way than the mainstream. I hope you enjoy my blog and come on many exciting journeys with me!

(photography (c) Ross Davidson 2017).